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At Master Home Builders, quality, not quantity, is always our priority. To ensure this, clients enjoy the benefit of dealing directly with owner's Loren and Joe instead of an assigned construction superintendent which is the way most builders operate. Joe and Loren work very closely with their clients every step of the way including planning, design, construction, and finish out selections, to ensure their home has all the special details to make it unique to them without sacrificing any budget concerns. Clients seem to truly value this one on one consideration. Because of this type of relationship, Master Home Builders only builds a small number of homes each year so that every house is built to the high standards that owners expect and deserve.




We enjoy an outstanding reputation in the home building field. We believe that every client should be able to speak on our behalf about the way we build homes so we make sure every single project is completed to their upmost satisfaction. The relationships we build with our homeowners during the construction phase continues well past the completion of their new home.

Financial Strength:


Master Home Builders does not build production homes nor do we have model homes or vacant lots in inventory. What this means is that we do not have large financial overhead that our customers have to worry about us covering every month. We do not carry any loans, lines of credit, or any other types of financing to operate our company. This unique position means that our customers can rest assured that we will be around for a long time even when outside factors like the economy would affect other builders.

Realistic Bids:


Some builders will provide their clients with a low overall bid to build their house with unrealistic allowances and other features. This initially looks good on paper, but when the clients find out after they've begun construction that they have to come up with considerable amounts of additional money to have the house they really wanted, chances are they're going to be rather disappointed. At Master Home Builders this never happens. We always bid your project with respect to what you truly expect your house to be like when it is complete. We spend a lot of time prior to the bid process to make sure we understand everything you want and expect in your new home. The only time you will ever have to spend extra money on a project we undertake is simply if you want to, not because we did not include it in your original bid.



We offer an outstanding warranty and keep it in-house. You will never have to deal with a third party warranty company. If there is something to be done to your home we want to know about it and then follow up with you to make sure it was taken care of to your satisfaction.



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